Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Piazza Garibaldi

Fun Facts:

  • Lookout from which you can see the whole city of Rome (it's a dome city)
  • To the:
    • East=mountains
    • North=St. Peter's
    • South=Naples
    • West=Mediterranean
  • Pine Trees
    • "Umbrella pines," symbol of Rome
    • Giant bronze pine cone in the old St. Peter's
    • Image of renewal (a pine cone opens up in heat-->forest is renewed)
    • Rome has always been about renewal
      • the new Troy
      • renewed with Christianity
    • Pine cone on top of the dome of the Boston state house recalls the US's classical roots
  • Since 1848, everyday at noon, Italian soldiers fire a cannon
  • Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi (see first picture)
    • "Father of Modern Italy"
    • Inscription reads "Placed here 2,660"-->2,660 years since the founding of Rome, not A.D.
  • Fasces
    • Symbol of justice and political unity
    • Twigs break easily, but many twigs bundled together are strong
  • Busts around the piazza are of Garibaldi's men, Italian patriots
  • Piazza Garibaldi is on Janiculum hill
  • Statue of Righetto
    • Symbol of boys who died in defense of Italy
    • Located here because Piazza Garibaldi (or near it) is a park for children

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