Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Church of San Pietro in Montorio

  • Built to commemorate the spot where St. Peter was crucified (which turned out to be the wrong spot)
  • It was rebuilt in 1481 (during the Renaissance), one of the only renaissance style buildings in Rome because not much was being built then
  • Sponsored by King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel of Spain
  • All churches in Rome were built to be seen in natural light or candle light
  • Raimondi Chapel
    • Sculpted by Bernini (1598-1860)
    • Commissioned by the Raimondi family
    • Well known for its use of natural light, creates dramatic effect
      • Chiara Scuro (Light Dark) Effect
      • Sculpture is the way light hits a surface

    • Franciscan
    • Tombs
      • Cherub blowing out taper
      • Cherub turning away, doesn't want to look in tomb
      • Relief of the resurrection 
      • Heart on fire--baroque symbol of passionate life

      • Relief narrative (Carnival-->Ash Wednesday-->Entombment)
  • Frescos
    • Coat of arms of Spanish kings
    • Sybils--equivalent of prophets in ancient mythology
    • The Flagellation of Christ
      • Artist: Piambo
      • Shows off his knowledge of the human body
      • Took 7 years to complete
    • Fresco="fresh," painted on wet plaster
      • better color retention
      • lasts longer
      • shows skill of artist
  • Trompe L'oeil="teasing of the eye," through paint on a flat surface, make it look like something it isn't
  • Painting of Veronica and Jesus by Flemish artist van Beuren

  • Tombs of Irish princes
  • Tempetto
    • Built on spot believed to be where St. Peter was crucified
    • Harmony, symmetry, great example of renaissance art

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